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The mission of Wellcome Manor Family Services is to empower women who struggle with substance use, chemical dependency, or co-occurring disorders to achieve freedom from addiction while rebuilding family relationships.


Seeking proper care for substance abuse or chemical dependency is a big step. Whether you are suffering from alcohol abuse or drug addiction, Wellcome Manor accepts you with open arms. Our flexible recovery program has been designed exclusively for women. We are an inpatient residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility offering you a peaceful setting on your road to recovery.

A mother of young children? No problem.  We know how important it is to keep your kids close and safe in your protection. We’re happy to guide you through recovery with your child living by your side. We are proud to help you and your family successfully complete our treatment program. While enrolled, you will have the freedom to spend time with your child. Our program includes child care, parenting education and family development to strengthen your relationships.

Women without children have their own unit and can avoid the family atmosphere of the women-with-children wing, allowing residents to focus on themselves as individuals.


Yes, Wellcome Manor accepts most major insurance carriers.
Please see the About Us section.
You may bring your children on the first day. Age limit of children, 8 years of age or 2nd grade. (Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are limited to children ages 5 and under.)
Contact the Admissions Department at 507-546-3295.
Please see list on Admissions page.
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