Wellcome Manor is a residential inpatient treatment center that helps women who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction or substance abuse. Our center is located in Southern Minnesota near Mankato, in Garden City, MN.

When you are ready to make the commitment to recovery and need help with alcohol or drug use, Wellcome Manor is here to educate you on treatment options within our facility.

Treatment includes residential inpatient care and family environment care. We offer two treatment phases: Phase I is approximately 90-120 days, and must be completed prior to going into Phase II, which is roughly 30-90 days, depending on your personalized care plan and treatment needs.  Phase II is reserved for those clients that have completed Wellcome Manor’s Phase I program only.

The Wellcome Manor staff is here to help you through every phase of treatment so you’re able to successfully complete the program. Rather than simply treating the addiction, we also delve into issues that may be accompanying your disease for a more lasting recovery.

Our rehabilitation center offers residential treatment in a comfortable setting. Your bedroom is designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your treatment, assisting in the healing and recovery process.  Our program focuses on an integrative approach, helping you develop the skills necessary to maintain long-term recovery and rehabilitation.

Continuing to utilize these skills will help build important life habits needed to lead a healthy and sober life. Effective communication and problem-solving skills are paramount to this success.

One of the benefits that is unique to Wellcome Manor is how we provide the opportunity for women to address chemical dependency, substance use disorders, mental health issues and parenting simultaneously. The result is a holistic, comprehensive approach that reaches beyond treatment and into prevention.